• Build any business faster, easier, simpler. Just about any business could double their results fast!

    Business360: learn, promote, connect

    Learn: develop a set of fundamental business growth skills.

    Its often what you don't do, or what you don't know, that holds businesses back and keeps them from getting the results they want. Its the little things that can make a HUGE difference to the results your business gets. 

    Business360 is more than just a training program, that gives you and your team the skills in eight key drivers of your business, that could potential double the results of most businesses in 12 to 24 months and maybe sooner.

    Promote and market your business.

    Mybusinessnow and the Business360 programs are more than  just business training. Its also about using the opportunities in Mybusinessnow as a member, to market and promote you business and its products and services to not only other members, but anyone, through our members only online directory, e'news and Mybusinessnow magazine.

    Connect: You're not on your ownn.

    Mybusinessnow is also about contacts and connections. Every business out there might be a future connection from another liked minded and well training Mybusinessnow business member.

    Connect via our events, workshops, networking, plus also our online business connect groups area.

    The secret to business growth: Attract, followup, retain.

    1: Understanding

    Clarity creates questions.

    • Knowing where you are now
    • Whats possible
    • And where you'd like to be, are the first step.

    2: Identify the possibilities

    Every part of your business effects the results somehow, either positively or negatively.

    Identify and score how you business rates in the key drivers of your business, idnetify what needs changing and where the potential is.

    3: Direction and plan

    Over 80% of businesses fail in the first five years, yet less than 20% do any form of business planning, even a single page.

    If you don't know where your going, how can you get there? 

    4: Skills and training needed

    Its what you don't do or don't know, that causes the majority of business lack of success, or worse, total failure. 

    Identify the skills needed, improve everyone's ability and confidence in doing their job better.

    Better trained people, stay longer, get better results that also helps client retention. Everyone wins.

    5: Solutions needed

    You also need access to solutions and support.

    • Planning so the team knows where they're going
    • Recruitment to find the right people
    • CRM partner solutions to build relationships with clients.
    • Marketing and advertising, find new customers.

    6: Connect, promote, grow

    You're not on your own. Connect with other members of the MBN network through networking events, workshops and our dedicated online member group networks,

    7: Structure, strategy and support

    Followup, ongoing support

    We're here to help. We want to ensure you use everything you learn.

    • Structured followup and strategies in what to do next
    • Workbook, guides and checklists
    • Email and phone support

    How the Mybusinessnow and Business360 programs work.

    Fundamental focused business basics

    You and your team need the skills that most businesses don't  have. Fundamental focused skills based around:

    • Attracting more customers
    • Building relationships that get them back more often. Client retention
    • Training based on the right things that grow businesses, not what doesn't.
    • Image, sales, service, staff
    • Product development, marketing, planning and management.

    Fundamental skills that actually grow businesses dramatically.

    How is Business360 delivered?

    The Business360 program is delivered via national live workshops following the Business360 program and are also available for members to view 24/7

    Integrated and partner solutions

    Businesses and their teams also need access to solutions. Tools that enable businesses, owners and their teams to actually do the things needed easier.

    • Business planning made simple
    • Recruit better
    • Market to attract more clients
    • and client relationship management systems that actually build relationship easily with clients and staff.

    Business360 followup support

    Every workshop comes with workbook, structure and strategy plans and guides of what to do next. Nothing left to chance, you know exactly what steps to take.

    Ongoing support

    And with over 30 years in small business, attending countless training programs myself and also training hundreds of my own sales and service related staff, I know there's one key to actually getting value out of the training and that's ongoing support.

    Over 80% of everything learn't in a training program is lost or forgotten almost immediately once the training's is completed. Unless there's ongoing support and coaching to ensure you and your team use what you learn and the business grows.

    Mybusinessnow isn't just about training.

    • Members directory to promote your business to other members and offer specials and deals to attract more customers
    • Recruitment solutions to help find the right staff via email and our magazine
    • Business planning made easy
    • And CRM partner solutions and support.
    • Connect via our networking opportunities at events, and online member groups
    • As well as keep updated, educated and informed via the Mybusinessnow magazine and regular e'news. 

    QuickCheck360: The quickest business review tool ever!

    Welcome to Mybusinessnow and Business360

    Building a successful and continuously growing business isn't complicated, in fact its easy, just not simple if you don't know what to do.  Just about any business is only a couple of steps away from doubling it's results, but what steps do you take first?

    Mybusinessnow and Business360, business training that's different, solutions and support.

    • Business training via regular live workshops nationally
    • Followup material, workbook, structure, strategy, guides
    • Email and phone support
    • Members online directory and promotion opportunities via magazine and online e'news
    • Recruitment via online and e'news
    • Monthly e'news followup on the training and ongoing education
    • Monthly members email, special promotions and deals. (save cash)
    • Templates and support, planning, recruitment and CRM
    • Connect via networking and online groups
    • Mybusinessnow magazine